Organic and locally produced!

On the farm we have great opportunities to grow our own vegetables, fruits and berries. Everything is grown in natural conditions, without poisons and fertilizers. We value this highly, and our business may take advantage of this. When our own plantations are not enough, we trade our goods locally and organically.

The flour in our bread –  locally grown and milled in Skepparslövs mill.

Blueberries, Raspberries – are pickedin Bockeboda forest or in the area around.

Honey – produced by our own bees. Our bees collect  a lot of linden, wild raspberries and various herbs. Honey is on sale at the farm.

Milk - Hedvig, our Jersey cow, gives us our  milk which we make different cheeses and cheesecakes off.

Lamb meat and lambskin -  our sheep on the farm help our  horses and cows to keep the landscape open. In the spring we get fine lamb which gives us a fantastic meat in the fall, our smoked lamb sausage is a delicacy. Lambskins are prepared in Tranås tannery.

If you are interested in lambskins or meat feel free to call us - 0733 42 34 63